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Bundle of 30 Color Recipes | Sculpey Souffle | Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Bundle of 30 Color Recipes | Sculpey Souffle | Polymer Clay Color Recipes

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Beautiful collection of polymer clay color recipes using only 5 ingredients (see below). This digital download PDF file includes 30 recipes in total with 5 color palettes with 6 color recipes each.

What's Included:

1. Girls' Night
2. Paradise
3. Hibiscus
4. Tiffany
5. Sunflower
6. H2O

1. Berry
2. Sweet Holly
3. Pottery
4. New Book
5. Wonderland
6. Knit Sweater

1. Dark Strawberry
2. Apricot Haze
3. Raspberry
4. Basil Smash
5. Celery Stalk
6. Skipping Rocks

1. Smoky Emerald
2. Pressed Rose
3. Hazelwood
4. Quilt
5. Stem
6. Cottage

1. Lake
2. Sunset
3. Azure
4. Sunshine
5. Mist
6. Harmony

Using only 5 ingredients:
1. Sculpey Souffle - Igloo
2. Sculpey Souffle - Poppyseed
3. Sculpey Souffle - Canary
4. Sculpey Souffle - Cherry Pie
5. Sculpey Souffle - Cornflower

This listing is for Bloom Mercantile's custom color recipes.

Please note, this is a digital PDF file. There is no physical product to be shipped. The download link will be e-mailed once the order has been confirmed. This download can also be received from your "purchases" tab from a desktop computer. The links will not show up on your phone or tablet.

This digital PDF download includes an introduction to the maker, supply list, color mixing basics/instructions, and custom recipe cards.

Each recipe is unique and hand formulated by the creator.

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