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Moose Silk Screen

Moose Silk Screen

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(4 x 6 inch silk screen)

Recommended paint: Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint


Care Instructions: 

* Place the shiny side of the silk screen face down on prepared polymer clay. Any inscriptions or word should be visible and legible (not mirrored). Press it gently down.

* Take a small amount of acrylic paint and spread evenly using a squeegee or old credit card. Remove any excess paint.

* Remove the silk screen by lifting it from the corner.

* Do not let the paint dry on the silk screen. Clean the silk screen under running water immediately after each use so it does not clog the mesh pores. Do not press or rub the surface as this may damage the silk screen.

* Lay flat and let air dry on a paper towel.

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